Wind Farm Engineering, Procurement Construction and Maintenance

wind-farm-engineeringEUS has played a key role in the majority of wind farm developments in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. Our experienced team of Project and Construction Managers, Engineers, Safety and Environment Leads, and Material Coordinators enable us to successfully coordinate large crews of people, fleet and materials within a short period of time. From installing Electrical Collection Systems, constructing Substations and Transmission Interconnections, to the full Engineer, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a Wind Farm, EUS has the capability to deliver the highest standard of construction to its clients. 

Our capabilities in wind farm collection systems and substations construction include: Project Management, Material Procurement & Management, Field Engineering, Civil Construction, Structure Placement, Padmount Transformer Installation, Underground and Aerial Collector Lines Construction, Substation Construction, Tower erection, and Tower wiring.

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