Emera Utility Services was launched, in name, by Emera Inc. in 2000. Some of the companies Emera Inc. acquired to form EUS, date back as far as 1966. In its present form and through predecessor companies, (Green's Service Station, F.A Tucker Ltd, FibreTek and Cablecom) EUS has been performing power transmission, distribution maintenance, and construction work in Atlantic Canada for almost 50 years; and communications installation, construction and maintenance services for more than 25 years.

Over the last five years, EUS has focused on growth and expansion of our services. Prior to 2007, the company was mainly a communications maintenance contractor. Since then, the company has been growing and completing new projects for new customers, including live power line maintenance, and wind farm engineering, procurement and construction. Throughout this growth, EUS has maintained its commitment to quality control, safety and the environment.

2011 – Emera Utility Services acquires Green's Service Station Ltd.
2007 – Emera Utility Services acquires F.A. Tucker
2000 – Emera Utility Services relocates its main headquarters from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia
1999 – Emera Utility Services acquires Cablecom/FibreTek
1999 – Emera Utility Services is incorporated in New Brunswick
1997 – Cablecom acquires FibreTek
1983 – Cablecom began operations as a communications services company
1970 - Green's Services Station Limited begins operations
1966 – F.A Tucker Ltd begins operations as a utility services company